Caribé crafts Cuban traditional and classic forms in a contemporary way resulting in music that is unique and fresh. Seeing Caribé live is a communal experience incorporating classic Cuban music styles alongside percussive elements deeply rooted in rumba and Afro-Cuban culture.

The music is engaging and entertaining for wallflowers and hip-shakers alike. The constant push and pull between powerful percussion and stunning melodies creates a dynamic tension that draws you in and invites you to move.

What the media are saying: ‘during the band’s second set, people swept onto the floor in droves to dance to the live music. It was a spectacle to see a crowded dance floor with everyone facing the band, and seemingly through intuition, waving their arms and clapping in unison on various beats in the bar, as if my osmosis. It was a tribal experience, and very hip.’ Eric Myers, Jazz writer for the Australian, Dec 3rd, 2021